Namaste, welcome to the colourful world of Indian food. What is so unique about Indian cuisine? The answer is simple- Indian food is all about balance & harmony between people and nature. May be that is why we love our spices and herbs, because it the best gift nature has given us. Let us take you on a gastronomic journey of India and show you how beautiful, aromatic, balanced and flavourful our food is.

CHECK OUT  Nirvana Kitchen’s Lunch Menu

Our lunch menu is inspired by the colourful and flavourful street food of India which happens to be the food of choice for most Indians during lunch time. We also have some of our favourite curries if you want to try out a quick curry lunch! We are open for lunch from Friday- Sunday (12noon- 2pm). Reservation is possible.

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ingredients of nirvana, get inspired…

Curious about the ingredients we use? You can find some very useful information about our ingredients, recipes, inspirations from the links below!
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